Post-Graduate Program in Food Science and Technology (PPGCTA)

Course description

Mandatory Courses

  • Product Development and Technological Innovation: 3 credits;

  • Management Quality Control: 3 credits;

  • Statistics Applied to Quality and Process Management: 3 credits;

  • Seminars: 1 credit

Courses (2 credits each one)

  • Microbiology and Molecular Biology Applied to the Identification of Microorganisms in Foods;

  • Food Safety and Hygiene;

  • Technology of Animal Products;

  • Technology of Products of Plant Origin;

  • Functional Foods;

  • Physical, chemical and microbiological control in the storage of foods;

  • Physical, chemical and microbiological control in the processing of foods;

  • Food biotechnology;

  • Sensory Analysis of Food Applied to Food Quality;

  • Sensory Analysis Applied to Consumer Behavior;

  • Applied Enzymology;

  • Special Topics

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